One of the reasons its very difficult for children to understand why we can’t celebrate halloween, etc .. is…

Well, the problem isn’t that they want to dress up and go door to door.

Which is really all the children are thinking about. That is all that their intention is about.

So, actually, if you think about it, they aren’t even doing something wrong.

The parent’s problem is the origin mostly, but really to the child thats irrelevant as they neither did they know about it nor do they care about it.

So how do you make your childcare about that?

Why should they care about it?
How do they make them care about it?

You want them to stand against something because its origin is a lie, lie against Allah(SWT)

Because a Muslim stands for the truth, not lies
Because it is a matter of the integrity of a Muslim

Then … your child is going to look at you, see the person with high integrity in their daily life or hypocrisy in what you are saying.

And then based on what they will find, they will either continue arguing or think about what you have taught them…

Isn’t that true?

This is not to discourage you to talk to them, or to make you feel bad

But this is just to remind you, that if you talk to them about this issue.. don’t make them feel as if they are a bad muslim for wanting to celebrate Halloween

Recognize that their desire or even their intention is not haram.

But what you want them to be is at the highest level of honesty, at the highest level of integrity before Allah(swt)
You want to look on with joy as they are called as As- Siddique on the day of judgment,- and to become that, they can’t stand today and celebrate a lie.

Secondly, help the reflect on what is it that they want? Why do they want to celebrate? Its fun to dress up, all my friends are doing it, I will be odd one out if I don’t do it, I will feel left out. I will miss out on the fun..

So, in the end, its about fun, its about friendships
Remind them, isn’t Allah the one who gives you friends? Couldn’t he put more love in the hearts of your friends for you? Couldn’t he give you many more friends?Couldn’t he give you a lot more fun?

Why don’t you ask him. I gave this up for you o Rabb,give me much better than this

Then be sure that


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