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Assalamu alaikum Ariba,

I am over the moon with joy knowing you’ll be tacking the issue if siblings rivalry. It is a neglected area of children’s social and Islamic development. Even I, myself find it difficult to monitor and often can’t present my kids either solutions because I’ve run out of ideas, and rivalry is so constant.

I have one request from you. Can you run this class separately for two of my kids – girl aged 12 and a boy aged 14? I don’t want other children to be present because as you will discover, the topic will open up wounds. They’ve been struggling with sibling bullying to the extent that one of them believes life with her brother is too hard, too awful, too overwhelming, and with no solution. No one has been able to solve it – despite the strategies we’ve given them.

Part of this issue is what the kids believe is our parenting style and their false perception of taking sides. I guess parents too get tired of this toxic sibling environment.

Let me know if you can allocate a time soon, while we are still in the school holidays, to help my two children.

Wafa ________________________________

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