Dawah Projects (Company Of RasulAllah(saws) Course 2017

Jasim Shah Aeroplan Dawah!

Jasim – “Like the aeroplanes go high, learning the hadith raises you. “

Sameeha’s Cup Cakes and Card Dawah


Aisha, Samarah, Suleiman’s – Lollipops with hadiths, Brochures and bookmarks stall at a garage sale 🙂

Khadija’s Balloon’s with flyers Dawah

Moneerah’s Treat Bags With Muslim Inventions Dawah

unnamed (1)

Nawal, 12, Stared an Islamic Blog as her dawah project…

Please visit the blog, and leave some encouraging comments for her.

I am sure it would mean A LOT to her and be a great motivator for her to keep going.
Please do share the blog with your children too and they may love to learn from someone their age 🙂

Iman’s Dawah Video

Ammar and Omar’s Dawah Project

And Much More Coming From The Students Of Company Of RasulAllah(saws) Course and Future Leaders Of The Ummah 

2 thoughts on “Dawah Projects (Company Of RasulAllah(saws) Course 2017

  1. Ehsan Mohsin Karamali


    great Work keep it up, May Allah(swt) will reward you here and hereafter.

    Your Borther in imaan

    ehsan karamali


  2. Shakira Hassan

    Salam sister, it’s great job you doing mashah Allah. How my kids can join in. Please send me the details jazakallah.


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