Why does Allah see us all the time?

This is something that I wrote up, while I was working on the videos for the name of Allah – Al Baseer, All Seeing and its implications for us humans. Ofcourse most of the time we remind children that Allah is watching and that is an important reminder!
But is that it..? So have a read below…(ofcourse, how I teach this to kids in a video is much more fun and powerful than the read below 🙂

Why does Allah see us all the time?
To keep a check on us? Is it surveillance
To know or record what we are doing?
Could angels do that?

Infact angels do actually record everything
So why does he watch us, hear us all the time?
Even when we are sleeping, he is still watching!
Me and you, who are not even as big as an ant compared to Allah, a comparison that is impossible

Then why does he watch you all the time, hear every sound…every heartbeat, every thought

The answer should bring tears to our eyes…
The answer should should truly melt our hearts…

You have a Lord who cares so much about you
This is from his mercy
Not only does he watch over you all the time, he is always there to hear you.

He also tell us that, so many times in the Quran
Allah tells us. He is watching over you. He is hearing you.
All those times you felt lonely, you wished someone would just hear you.
All those times you felt weak and alone
He was always there and He will always be.
You were never alone, and you never will be.

He was still there watching you, hearing you, even when you forgot……
He is never tired of listening to you, even though if we get tired of talking to him.

“He is with you wherever you are.” Surah Hadid

No matter how much a mother loves a child, even she gets bored of listening to them, even she cant watch her child all the time

But Allah never gets tired of listening to you or watching you

What incredible peace does it bring to your heart, knowing that when you leave your loved ones Allah , who loves them far more than you, is watching them.

There are people in this world, who do worship gods who they don’t believe cannot see them all the time or hear them all the time

Imagine what they are missing, not knowing that actually that even them, even them Allah is watching all the time.

Imagine how hard that life is, how alone they can be, not knowing he is always hearing them

Its not that a muslim never feels alone or isolated, but imagine how much more alone these people must be.

and how alone are we when we forget that Allah is Al Baseer and Allah is As Samiy, All hearing, All seeing.

Alhamdulillah that Allah is all seeing, all hearing, all knowing
And Alhamdulillah that He told us about these attributes of his and reminded us of this so many times in the Quran.

“Indeed, You are of us ever Seeing.” 20:35

To end with, this is ofcourse not the ONLY reason Allah watches us, and thats my point, there is a great deal to learn from each of the names of Allah(swt), much of which perhaps we can never even comprehend.


There is just one more lesson from these names but there much more depth and much more for us to gain from each of the names of Allah, knowing the ONE, we love the most, our Rabb, Allah.

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