Ramadan Videos For Kids

Comment below, tell me where are you celebrating Ramadan from…

Sign up for future videos -> www.emaanpower.com/ramadan

Ramadan Journal for kids -> www.emaanpower.com/heartwheel



Video 13


Video 12


Video 11


Video 10

Video 9

Video 8

Video 7

Video 6

Video 4


Video 3

Video 2

Video 1

Help me in this mission to educate children all across the world

Your funds will be used to build better video production facilities, build a video studio, animation software, stock images, graphics,  sponsor students in courses – such as students of single mothers, new muslims parents, others experiencing financial hardships. The funds will help us in distributing these videos to many more children accoross the world InshaAlah.

If you would like to help me continue this work, and improve the quality of Islamic education to children, then please support this ramadan by donating here

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47 thoughts on “Ramadan Videos For Kids

  1. Nadia Rainers

    Assalaamu Alaykum Warah mutalahie wabarakatu.
    My name is Aneeqah Rainers and I watched the video all the way from Auckland New Zealand. ALHAMDULILLAH

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Khadija

    We are celebrating Ramadhaan in South Africa … The days are short and cold and most of the children are writing examinations.. Allah make it easy for all of them aameen.. We have watched the two videos and thought they were simply inspirational… Jazakallah for all your efforts.. May Allah reward you. Aameen


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