What is your reason to live?

What happens when we make a person, or something, a husband, a wife, a child, success, a goal, a parent, your reason to live?
If you make anyone or anything your reason to live, then know that most likely one day you will lose it, and when that happens what will you be left with?

You will be left with no reason to live…..

There is only one reason for any one of us to live, ONLY one which lives forever – Allah, who is there for you forever, only one purpose for which created for.

Wake up everyday, knowing this is another day He has given you to work for him

I say this today, because recently in my job, as a crisis counselor, I took a call from someone who had made another human her reason to live and now after losing her reason to live, she had nothing left to live for. The pain she was going through cannot be put into words. She had no reason to live, so she kept saying whats the point, even if this pain ends today, whats the point, I am just filling time on earth.

Her pain was enormous, it broke my heart just listening to this stranger. I came back home and cried and cried and cried…

What ached me was not just this woman’s pain but what had led to it.

What ached me was the fact that I KNOW there are millions of more people, good people out there, who are going falling in the same deep hole of pain, yet they don’t know it.

This woman was not muslim but there are still many thousands of muslims in the same place as her.

I don’t even know if she is alive till now or did she really kill herself. All I can do now is make dua for her.

But as I sat to make dua for her, I realised no matter how much I ache for her, no matter how much I care for this stranger, Allah cares for her far far far more than me.

Allah knows every single second of her life. He knows her pain, He is closer to her than anyone else. He is watching over her all the time.

She has forgotten him, but the doors to his love and mercy are still wide open for her.

When we make someone else our reason to live, when we define our entire self worth by someone than we are left with nothing after they leave

To make someone else your reason to live is not only unfair to yourself but also unfair to that person.

Moreover whether its a person or something or some goal, if we make that our reason to live that we have taken the right of Allah and given it to someone else.

Allah has made ease for in the guidance of Islam is ease for us, in ways we cannot even comprehend.

Sahl ibn Sa’d reported: The Angel Gabriel came to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and he said, “O Muhammad, live as you wish, for you will die. Work as you wish, for you will be repaid accordingly. Love whomever you wish, for you will be separated. Know that the nobility of the believer is in prayer at night and his honor is in his independence of the people.”
We don’t live for some fun, not for some dreams we want to see fulfilled, not for some person. Our dreams, our fun, our love all of that pales in comparison to the greatest desire of our hearts to see our Lord.
Every pain, every suffering, every wonderful thing that happens, every joy, is a learning experience for us, to grow, to grow closer to him.
We want to fill our lives with fun, joy, success, love, but all of that is for him. Ultimately the purpose is just one. So reason to go towards him ends, we still have others, and we are always looking for more.
Our reason to live, lives till the day we die

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