What will happen to Saad?

Today I just want to tell you a story of two little boys
Lets call them Ahmed and Saad, Ahmed was always very good to his mother, he humbled himself, when he didn’t understand her decisions, he tried to but then if he still can’t he would accept that she is wiser and knows whats best for him, even when she wouldn’t give him something he really wanted he learned to remain patient and not complain, he smiled and always thanked her. When mom made a decision that was really hardfor him or punished him, he still remained patient. This is how he was taught and how he grew up, practicing humility, patience and gratitude

On the other hand was Saad, he was also a nice boy but he was always complaining about what she didn’t give him, always argued his point, raising his voice. He always felt she treats him the worst. Any slight discomfort, long ride, can’t go there, have to visit someone, getting bored, and he would start whining, complaining. As he grew he would often say “I already know that” think that his mother doesnt’ know anything. and so on… He never practiced humility with her, never truly showed gratitude to her

When Ahmed grew up, faced the hardships of life, he already knew how to be patient, he had practiced that. He could humble himself before others and above all, he could humble himself truly before Allah(swt), he knew what it means to show gratitude, not just by words by actions, he had plenty of practice in it with his mother, so it was was for him, When he didn’t understand certain laws of Allah(swt) he didn’t argue, he tried to understand, but accepted that Allah is wiser than me. All because he had already not just learned but practiced all this in his childhood with his mother, the one who comes after Allah and the Prophet.

What do you think happens to Saad? Are these things as easy for him?

No wonder Allah(swt) has made kindness to you, our mothers a condition for us to enter Jannah, clearly without it we are hardly prepared to enter Jannah

So no, its not just for the mother’s sake that we need to be good to her, it is ONLY for the sake of Allah, and so that we can be good muslims, and enter paradise.

3 thoughts on “What will happen to Saad?

    1. Asad Khan

      Hmm.. what is your source brother? She is not even talking abt heaven and hell.

      Also sister Ariba, what if your mother and father are horrible to you?
      Especially your father, if he never fulfills any of his duties and abuses you? I dont think your story applies there.. the children should not have to put up with the abuse of parents.
      I am sure Allah will question and take account of such fathers


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