you only did all this for me because it is your job as a parent

Sometimes teens in arrogance or ignorance feel/say to parents, “you only did all this for me because it is your job as a parent”

And YEP! they are right, it is a parents job, given to them by Allah(swt).

But when Allah(swt) gave them that job, he also gave you(the child) a job as well, to HONOR your parents, respect them, be kind to them, bend down to them out of mercy, as long they don’t ask for anything tht is not against the law of Allah(swt)

They did their job, what about you?

And if you feel they did a bad job, then that’s on them.
And if you did a bad job, that’s on you – NOT on them.

Some parents can truly be very unjust to their children.
No doubt about that, but even then. Then perhaps we cannot obey them, or even love them as much as we could have. BUT, nothing should still stop us from showing mercy to them.

If the Prophet Muhammad(saws) can be kind to Abu Lahab
If Musa(alayhisalaam) can go and talk to Firaun with gentleness,then really there is no excuse for a child to not talk to the parent with kindness.


Moreover, we often mistakenly think that our kindness to our parents is because we are paying them back.

NO! We try our best in honoring our parents because Allah ordered it!

It should ONLY be for the sake of Allah(swt).

When we teach children to honor their parents for the sake of Allah then such statements or questions won’t even have a place in their minds

More discussion on this and how to teach children to honor their mother in the upcoming webinar –

here is the link to join

(Please note, this is webinar is for mothers of older children 8-15, if you have younger children this may not be for you. )

Mom I don't understand any of this

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