Pillars of good Akhlaq

Good Akhlaq. Where does it come from? Its  not and should not be just ‘our love’ for the other person. I think we all know thats just not going to work out! (Especially when the smoke starts to come from our ears lol)

Good akhlaq has to come from our love and our fear of Allah(swt). It has to be for the sake of Allah.

Personally I don’t see any other way I can continue to be kind, generous and forgiving to ‘ALL’ people.

I don’t know how to control my anger at times except for the fear of Allah and hope of his mercy to me.

I don’t know how to be patient with some extremely…… people, except for remembering that Allah(swt) is patient with me all the time, hoping for his mercy and fearing his punishment if I were to lose my patience

I don’t know how to not yell and blast out at someone who has been unjust to me, except for Tawaqul, my trust in Al Wali,  remembering that Allah(swt) is the master of the day of judgment, He is Al Haq, The Just One

I have no idea how to help out that friend in her time of need, who so deeply offended me just a little while ago, there is only one reason that can motivate me to do so, the hope for the mercy of Allah, the hope for his forgiveness and gratitude for his gifts.

Why would I want to keep quite even when I know what my parents are saying is actually wrong, except remembering the mercy and patience my Lord shows me every single day. The humility I feel every time I bow down to him, knowing the million times I was wrong and he showed me mercy.

When the mother says get a glass of water in the middle of your favorite tv show, why would you get up? Perhaps because of gratitude you feel towards her, but what if just before that she yelled at you? Would you be able to feel that gratitude? Probably not so much now. But the most powerful gratitude is the gratitude towards Allah(swt), and that power may help you get up.   Or even perhaps the fear of his punishment on ignoring mother, might help forget all about the momentary enjoyment of that tv show.

The power of this love for Allah, the gratitude we feel towards him, gives us the power, the motivation to keep giving our best to the people around us.

Our love for people can run out, but our love for Allah (swt) should NEVER run out, this is the most powerful love we can ever feel. This is the love that gives us the strength to be merciful to all others, even when our love for them runs out.

The fear of Allah(swt) stops us, when our desires start becoming bigger just too much

Our trust in Allah(swt) helps us have patience and forgive those who we feel have angered us, whether it maybe a grave injustice or  a small one like he broke my toy or he said she said such and such about me  :). We know he is always watching and he will give me justice, so I forgive hoping for his mercy to me and leave the justice to him.

Good akhlaq to people  is simply generosity. As the Prophet (saws) taught us, smile is charity.

So are the kind words to those who offend us and so is our silence quite in anger.

Generosity clearly is a form of mercy for the people. We show mercy in hopes of mercy from Him and in gratitude of mercy from Him(swt)

Knowledge (3)

To summarise

Trust in Allah, Gratitude, Fear of Allah and Hope in Allah

Brings about mercy in our hearts, making us generous to others

Our mercy and generosity to others is what makes us Patient and forgiving to them.

Our humility towards Allah(swt), humbles us towards people

These fundamentals of our emaan, are the pillars on which our Akhlaq stand.

Build them in children, then remind them of that as you teach them Akhlaq

Good Akhlaq is not just for the sake of having good akhlaq.

These pillars are power sources of good Akhlaq. Good Akhlaq should only be for the sake of our love for Allah.

But there is something even more crucial, on top of which these pillars sit. What is it?


Knowledge is what will build these pillars, and as they build, beautify them with by building beautiful akhlaq

Keep raising the pillars higher and higher to reach the highest of the levels in Jannah 🙂

Further on this and teenagers next InshaAllah…

Leave your comments below if you find it beneficial, I would love to hear what your thoughts InshaAllah 🙂

34 thoughts on “Pillars of good Akhlaq

  1. Nur idayu mohd aris

    Thank you for ur article which strengthen my emaan..as a teacher to young learners..i feel that,good akhlaq need to be shown to them..sis,i remember one day when i was angry with my students who came in late for class and punished them by writing few sentences in their books..but how many times when i delayed performing my salah..He is the most merciful..and still giving me sufficient food,salary and etc..just because my pupils came in late for few times and i straight away punished them..and i felt that this is not how it should be..and may Allah have mercy on us as He is the most merciful.


    1. Dr Abdul Malik

      This is very important article. Yet only few could read this as everybody can’t assess article burried in web. I think today Muslims across the world suffer most due to various factors mainly on account of lack of Akhlaq and ignorance the truth of Islam. Muslims are supposed to be more tolerance and better performer in every field. Nevertheless situations are quite alarming among the Muslim society due to lack of knowledge. Islam and knowledge is inseparable. Knowledge is prime important to be a true Muslim. Our Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has taught us with millions of example to b more tolerant and for good deeds. Are we really following in our own activities need to be assessed. In order to strengthen our islamic fundamental we need more deliberations and set up more schools to educate people rather than wasting our resources on unproductive activities. I feel that every country should establish such school where we can impart knowledge with thumping rules. I sincerely request you to discuss on this aspect. We have more responsibilities and commitment towards making of Muslims more tolerant and of course Akhalaq… May Allah bless us to be more inclined towards the path of Islam.


  2. Farah Batool

    Excellent article, esp the visual summary was very helpful. I had displayed on my wall, Mess happens, Don’t sweat the small stuff to remind me to control my anger. In relation to people, I do relate to Allah and it helps me overcome and forgive them but your blog made me realize that this whole approach is definitely helpful when dealing with everyday small stuff too. Thanks


  3. khalida

    Assalamu’alikum Wr Wb Dear Sister Ariba, jazak Allah Kheren Kaseeera, Very True and Actual meaning of Akhlaq , you have just explained, Its a great reminder for me to remember in my actions, i need to remain calm to gain Mercy of Allah swa.May Allah swa help us to carry this beautiful characteristic in us throughout our life .Ameen…..another boost to help my kids to attain such Akhlaq as well.Ameen

    Jazak Allah Kheren Kaseera


  4. Maria

    JazakalAllah khair for this amazing post. Its very special for me since i got it exactly at a time when i needed it the most.

    I was fuming in fury and tangled in anger and alhumdulilah your post made me realise how i should deal with it.

    I pray that Allah swt grants us the patience and love towards others as He shows it to us every single day.
    Ameen 🙂


  5. Osman

    Well and clearly explained. Glad that we are having these food for the soul knowledge with God consciousness. May Allah increase you and all of us in useful knowledge. May Allah bless you for this brilliant piece of work.


  6. Christina

    Asalamu 3alaykum wa Rahmat Allahu wa barakatu! Jazak Allahu khair for your post. May Allah reward you for the knowledge that you are spreading, in sha Allah! Thank you! This post was very helpful AlhamdulIlah


  7. Sarwat

    Assalam Alikum,
    JazakhAllah very nice . Please do tell us that how we can discuss different topics with teenagers both boys and girls to make them more interested and short to covey the message.


  8. Anonymous

    Jazaki allahu kheiran sister
    It’s really the true motive towards doing good akhlak

    The great thing I like here is using the term power of akhlak
    The more akhlak one has the more powerful he is
    The good deed is more powerful than the bad one
    The good word pushes the bad one as it’s more powerful too and so on


  9. Anonymous

    Assalaamu alaikum wr wb………….. JazakAllahu khairan kaseeran kaseera sis Areeba.its a good reminder . May Allah swt reward you. Baarikh Allah feek


  10. Shina

    Really a touchy reinforcement of generosity catering all people around ourselves… May Allah give that patience and strength to forgive and be generous to people around… It’s extremely hard at times… But the fact of true love for Allah (swt) keep us accelerated in being generous ….
    Jazakallah khair Areeba Farheen for sharing your blog! May Allah (swt) reward you …


  11. jun jj

    this is so beautiful. thank you for the article, you made it look so simple and easy to understand and explain to others, especially kids. may Allah reward you for this knowledge that you shared, and all the others that will come from you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Anonymous

    Alhamdulillah I enjoyed reading this blog, what an excellent reminder and analogy. May Allah reward you for all your efforts and may these deeds be heavy on your balance of good on the day of Judgement Ameen.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Rana

    ‘ This is the love that gives us the strength to be merciful to all others, even when our love for them runs out.’ Beautiful mashaAllah! I will share this with my students inshaAllah.


  14. sahnah

    Jazaak Allah khair, for reminding us about our good Akhlaq. I’m sure you have awaken these qualities in each one of us and Insha Allah we will try our best to accomplish it.


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